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Delinquent Real Estate Tax Claim information is provided by the Beaver County Assessment Office-Tax Claim Bureau, as agent for taxing districts whose tax claims are returned to the Bureau for collection and prosecution. The information contained on this website reflects docket records as of the end of business of the immediate preceding work day as depicted in the files of the Bureau.

The Pennsylvania Real Estate Tax Sale Law requires the entry and maintenance of claims for taxes to be entered in dockets with specific content. The law requires the Bureau to keep an accurate account of monies recovered and received with respect to each tax parcel and each taxing authority.

Delinquent Tax Claims are a first lien on the respective property identified in each docket and hold priority over any other lien or obligation. Claims for unpaid taxes as filed with the Bureau may be set aside or reduced in amount by the Bureau, prior to the time they become absolute, if the claim is found invalid, filed in error or for any reason not involving a question which could have been raised by an appeal provided by law. Tax claims become absolute and uncontestable on the first day of January following the year in which they were returned to the Bureau.

Consequently, the dockets are constantly subject to change and are considered dynamic. The Bureau, upon written request may furnish a lien certificate showing the taxes due as depicted on its records for a fee of Five Dollars ($5.00).