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Entering The Courthouse

We encourage you to park in the Third Street Courthouse garage adjacent to the Courthouse. Parking is free. The location is at the corner of Third Street and Turnpike Street. 

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The Jury Service Office will not be responsible for Jurors receiving parking tickets in any unauthorized spot or at an expired parking meter.

Jurors parking in the Third Street Garage should leave the garage through the Turnpike Street exit and walk across Turnpike Street. Jurors should enter the main entrance of the Courthouse on Third Street. The doors to the Courthouse open at 7:30 A.M.

Upon entering the Courthouse and going through the security check, jurors should proceed up the stairway or to the elevators to the 2nd floor, and proceed down the hallway to a table where the court administration staff will check you in. Orientation is held in Jurors Lounge.

Feel free to contact the Jury Service office if you have any concerns or questions.