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Pardon Project

Expungement is a legal order from a County Common Pleas Judge requiring state criminal justice agencies to permanently ERASE all or a portion of a criminal record.  An Expunged arrest or conviction is erased from all state databases as though the arrest or conviction never happened.

An expungement can be for:
•  an arrest which did not result in a conviction; 
•  an arrest which resulted in an ARD or PWV which was successfully completed; 
•  a juvenile arrest record in most cases; 
•  a partial expungement of charges if some charges were dropped
•  a Summary conviction more than 5 years old.  
•  Crimes which have been pardoned

Misdemeanor and Felony Conviction can only be expunged after the Governor grants a Pardon. 
ARD’s for certain sexual assault cases cannot be expunged.  Only a Pardon will clear that record.

Expungements Information Links:
For more information, write us!  PardonMeBeaver@gmail.com