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Pardon Project

A pardon means you have been forgiven by the government for the crime you committed, and leads to having your convictions erased from your record. After a pardon, you don’t have to “check the box” when filling out an application, nor do you have to tell anyone that you were ever convicted. There are SO many ways that a pardon can help expand your opportunities and create a better life for yourself and your family.

The Governor may issue a Pardon for any criminal arrest or conviction.  Any citizen who believes that they have reformed their life and seeks to clear their past arrests and convictions may file Petition with the Pardon Review Board.  The 5-member Pardon Board reviews the Petition, may hold an interview and a hearing, and makes a recommendation to the Governor for those who they think deserve a Pardon.    The Pardon process is now free and pretty straightforward – it requires only the application with the required criminal records, a background investigation, and a hearing.  
The PA Board of Pardons (www.bop.pa.gov) requires the following five documents from the Clerk of Courts to be attached for every case in which an applicant was convicted and is seeking clemency:
•  Criminal Complaint
•  Affidavit of Probable Cause
•  Criminal Information/Indictment
•  Final Plea or Verdict
•  Sentencing Order

Pardon Process:
1)  Application.   Complete the Pardon Application on the Website and submit the required records to the BOP.
2)  Investigation by Probation & Parole (this may take 1-2 years)
3)  Input by the Convicting Judge and the District Attorney prosecuting the case
4)  Merit Review by the Board  
5)  Virtual Public Hearing and Vote by the Board
6)  Decision by the Governor 
7)  If the Governor grants you a Pardon you still need to file an Expungement Petition with your County Clerk of Courts to actually clean the record.

Our Self-Help page includes forms, information on who may be eligible for a Pardon, and Video links to help guide you through the Pardon Process.

For eligible low-income residents of Beaver County, the Pardon Project of Beaver County offers links to agencies where you may get more information and maybe someone to help you complete the form (Pardon Coach). Pardon Eligibility & Pardon Hubs

There is no Pennsylvania Statute or Court Rule governing Pardons.
The Rules and Forms are found on the: 

For more information, write us!  PardonMeBeaver@gmail.com