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Pardon Project

The Pardon Project of Beaver County is at the forefront of a statewide effort in Pennsylvania that is bringing neighbors together to help neighbors obtain the second chance that only a pardon can provide.  Our Steering Committee includes representatives our District Attorney, Clerk of Courts, Sheriff, Public Defender, and leading representatives of the Bar Association, community activists and agencies serving job-seekers and the poor throughout Beaver County.

We are conducting outreach efforts to people and neighborhoods that are feeling the burden of criminal history records, and to people and service organizations whom we hope will be trained as Coaches. 

We estimate that there are at least 1000 people in our community who have turned their lives around and deserve the second chance that only a pardon can provide. 

Only by coming together, and working together, can our community help all who deserve our help and reach our full potential. If you are willing to be trained in how to be a Pardon Coach, or have your organization be trained to provide coaching to your clients and participants, contact us: the training takes only an hour, and the benefits last for lifetimes. 

Participating/Endorsing Agencies


For more information, write us!  PardonMeBeaver@gmail.com